RWP012 Brian Bahl & Ben Jones

ArrowmindBahlJonesBrian Bahl is the head Women’s Soccer Coach for the #2 rated Minnesota State University – Mankato Mavericks.  Ben Jones is the Assistant Coach.  This interview took place after a 1-0 victory over the #1 ranked team in the nation at the time, Grand Valley State University.

Topics include:

  • The anatomy of an upset
  • What is necessary to take down the #1 team in the nation
  • Building a Championship Culture
  • The “R” word that the coaching staff refuses to entertain
  • The importance of giving your players responsibility and treating them like adults
  • Their process of framing frustration into a positive challenge

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Follow them on twitter: @MSU_Mavs_Soccer @brianbahl @benjones5

RWP011Dr. Charlie Maher

Dr. Charlie Maher is the Sport Psychologist and the Director of Psychological Services for the Cleveland Indians. He has over 25 years of experience in the MLB, NHL, NFL and NBA.  Topics include:

  • His role with the Cleveland Indians
  • The ideal mindset for baseball
  • Which players ‘make it’ and which ones don’t
  • What a successful baseball player does
  • The right mentality for a baseball player


RWP010 Dr. Angus Mugford



  • Pictured on the right with Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Director of Personal and Organizational Performance at IMG Academy, an elite training facility in Florida
  • Director of Mental Training for Special Operations Forces
  • Consultant for the NFL Combine
  • Mental training consultant for the NFL, NBA, WTA & ATP and many NCAA Division I programs
  • Former Director of Mental Training at IMG Academy
  • Follow him on Twitter:  @angusmugford

RWP009 Alan Jaeger

about_alanAlan founded Jaeger Sports on the principle that athletes need to develop both their physical and mental skills in order to be successful in game situations. As a result of several years of coaching and and personal study was Alan’s Mental Training Book, “Getting Focused, Staying Focused”, and the DVD, “Thrive On Throwing”, Jaeger Sports’ signature Arm Heath, Strength and Conditioning Throwing Program. Along with Alan’s passion for Yoga, this Book and DVD serve as a driving force behind all of Jaeger Sports’ training programs.

In this Podcast:

  • “Energy Follows Attention”
  • The future of mental training in the professional levels
  • The benefits of daily mental practice
  • Identifying your process and mastering it
  • There is no drama in the process
  • Why Alan teaches the breath as the foundation and 1st step in mental practice
  • Overcoming mistakes and coming back to the present moment
  • @Jaegersports

RWP008 Matt Morse


Matt Morse is a collegiate baseball player at the University of Alabama – Birmingham. Throughout his collegiate career, Matt won the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League Championship with the Lima Locos, was a member of the 2012 Conference USA Champion UAB Blazers, played for the Lakeshore Chinooks in the Northwoods League and has accomplished some amazing feats off the field. Matt works extensively with Brian Cain Peak Performance and Profactory Sports Performance as a mental conditioning and peak performance coach. He has worked with elite athletes of all levels, from Major League Baseball to multi-sport high school athletes. Matt is originally from Sandwich, Illinois, where he was an all-state performer in both baseball and football in high school. His energy and passion for helping others is contagious. Some of the topics on this podcast include:

  • Matt’s Road to Where He Is Today
  • The Importance of the Mental Game On & Off The Field
  • Advantages of a Proactive Approach
  • Embrace Adversity
  • Do A Little A Lot vs. A Lot A Little – Daily Dominator
  • Enjoy The Journey! It’s All About The Process
  • 86,400
  • Follow Matt on Twitter @MattMorse_17


RWP007 Harvey Martin Pt 2



Harvey Martin is a professional baseball player in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.  This Right Handed Pitcher played baseball at Central Michigan University, and Minnesota State University – Mankato.  At MSU, he helped the Mavericks to 2 World Series appearances, including a runner-up finish in 2013 and was named the 2013 DII Pitcher of the Year. Topics of this podcast include:

  • The importance of Goal Setting
  • Harvey’s goal setting approach expanded
  • Overcoming adversity and sticking with your goals
  • Why the word “YET” is one of the most important words in your vocabulary
  • The power of belief when setting goals
  • Holding yourself accountable to your goals
  • The importance of seeing the game differently
  • The Video: Do You See What We See?
  • Some of Harvey’s favorite books
  • Living in the present moment
  • Dominating your process
  • Follow Harvey on twitter: @Martin_Time15

RWP006 Harvey Martin Pt.1

Harvey Martin is a professional baseball player in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.  This Right Handed Pitcher played baseball at Central Michigan University, and Minnesota State University – Mankato.  At MSU, he helped the Mavericks to 2 World Series appearances, including a runner-up finish in 2013 and was named the 2013 DII Pitcher of the Year. Topics of this podcast include:

  • Harvey’s Journey
  • Harvey’s goal setting approach
  • Overcoming adversity and sticking with your goals
  • Facing and overcoming your fears
  • Dreaming Big
  • Follow Harvey on twitter: @Martin_Time15

RWP005 Sam Flamont

Dave & Eric interview Sam Flamont. Sam is a coach, speaker, & entrepreneur.

Topics Include:twitter picture

  • Sam’s Background & Motivation
  • Motivational Speaking & His Company M.A.S. Apparel
  • Youth Sport Parents & Burnout
  • Advantages of playing multiple sports
  • Importance of finding your ‘Why’
  • Goal setting strategies to achieve your success
  • Sam’s favorite goal setting strategy he’s used to play pro baseball & start his own company
  • The power of advertising your goals to yourself

Find Sam Flamont:

Twitter: @MASapparel

Youtube: samflamont25

Facebook: M.A.S. Apparel

The HINGE: The Importance of Mental Toughness

The HINGE: The Importance of Mental Toughness by Dr. Rob Bell


What’s the difference between a wall and a door? The HINGE. The hinge connects and it changes everything. The hinge is the one moment, event, or person that makes all the difference.  Nobody knows when the hinge moment will occur, but Dr. Rob Bell wants to make sure we are ready for it.  In his new book “The Hinge” Dr. Rob Bell emphasizes the importance of mental toughness to connect with that one moment, event, or person.  Without mental toughness we may miss it and forever regret it.

I have listed the 5 Maxims of the HINGE below, as they relate to one of my personal favorite HINGE moments. Dave Roberts 9th inning stolen base in the 2004 American League Championship Series that sparked the Boston Red Sox comeback against the New York Yankees.

1.    It only takes one…

It only takes one moment, event, or person to change everything.  In 1919 the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees and sparked the famous “Curse of the Bambino.” At the time the Boston Red Sox had a record 5-World Series titles, but the Ruth deal changed the landscape of baseball, as we know it.  From 1920 through 2003, the Yankees won 26 World Series championships and 39 pennants, compared to the Red Sox’s 4 pennants and 0 World Series championships.  During this 84-year period, the Yankees finished with a better regular-season record than the Red Sox 66 times.  However, just like Babe Ruth, it only takes one moment, one event, or one person to change things forever. Another HINGE moment came in the 2004 ALCS.

2.  Things happen for a reason…

The Detroit Tigers drafted Dave Roberts in the 28th round in 1994.  He bounced around to the Cleveland Indians, the minor leagues, then to the Los Angeles Dodgers before finally arriving in Boston at the 2004 trade deadline, barely making him eligible for postseason play. Roberts was a role player that came off the bench when needed, and before ‘the steal’, he hadn’t played in the team’s previous 10 games.  He was called on in the bottom of the 9th, Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, the Red Sox were facing elimination.  After Kevin Millar drew a walk from Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, Dave Roberts was called on to pinch run. No team in the history of baseball had ever won a best-of-seven series after being down 3 games to 0.

3.    Trust your gut…

Dr. Rob Bell emphasizes that we have a sense that we are supposed to act, the HINGE connects with action It may be that one decision to take a chance, to take a risk, to get out of our comfort zone.  This decision will make all of the difference. Red Sox manager Terry Francona knew what he was going to do, this is why he has Dave Roberts on the team.  “When he left the dugout steps, I just winked at him. And that was my way of saying ‘go get ‘em big boy.”  Francona didn’t play it safe and hope something was going to happen, he trusted his gut and made it happen.  In order for the HINGE to connect, we must be in the moment fully integrated with our intuition, taking action and following through.  Dave Roberts later described the situation  to ESPN: “When you’re in the moment, everything is just quiet.  You see the people in the stands, there’s no sound.  It’s just you, in that moment.

4.    Tragedies are immediate…

Even though we don’t always welcome it, tragedies become the strongest type of HINGE.  There is a difference between a tragedy and an inconvenience. An inconvenience is a case of not getting what we want at the moment we want it.  The Red Sox have had their number of inconveniences throughout the history of their franchise. They went 86 years without a World Series Championship.  Those years included some heartbreaking moments:  Bill Buckner, Bucky F’ng  Dent, & Aaron Boone to name a few, however all of these made their 2004 comeback even sweeter. Dave Roberts stole second base successfully. Bill Mueller followed with a single that drove Roberts in to tie the game.  The Red Sox completed the improbably comeback and went on to with their first World Series Championship in 86 years.  Since Dave Roberts’ HINGE moment, Boston has won 3 World Series Championships.  The HINGE is real.

5.    What-if never happened…

What if Dave Roberts got thrown out? What if Bill Mueller didn’t follow with a single to drive the tying run in? What if David Ortiz didn’t hit a walk-off homerun in the 12th inning?  What if the Red Sox lost the next game? What if Babe Ruth never went to the Yankees? What if?  The HINGE cannot explain what-if moments because they never happened. The Hinge is about real moments.  Mental Toughness is essential, since we do not know when that one moment will happen.  We must be ready; we must stay in the moment.  Will you be ready for your HINGE moment?

Pick up a copy of The HINGE and learn the essentials to Mental Toughness!

Check out Dr. Rob Bell’s Website

Check out The HINGE: The Importance of Mental Toughness

Check out ESPN’s 30 for 30: Four Days in October-Dave Roberts stealing 2nd

RWP004 Tod Brown

Dave & Jeb interview the Head Baseball Coach for the North Dakota State University Bison: Tod Brown.  Coach Brown enters his 7th year as Head Coach of the Bison.

TodBrownThe podcast topics include:

  • Coach Brown’s playing & coaching background.
  • The importance of toughness as a successful athlete.
  • Toughness is developed throughout life and through experience.
  • The importance of team chemistry.
  • Great team chemistry helps build toughness in athletes.
  • The power and necessity of routines.
  • The necessary intensity, fire, and high energy to compete at a high level.
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  • Email the show with questions & comments:
  • Check out the Center for Sport & Performance Psychology
  • @sportandperform